Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue has been in Brighton and Hove since 1935. We are an inclusive community where all members – children, women and men – play an equal role in communal life. Our members and Friends come from diverse backgrounds which makes for a very open and varied community.

We are committed to Liberal Judaism, which cherishes and honours our Jewish heritage in the light of contemporary insights. Liberal Judaismvalues both tradition and reason, as it values truth, sincerity, and above all, human needs. Liberal Judaism  is committed to an ethics-led view of what it means to be Jewish, and is therefore dedicated to full equality, integration and participation in every sphere of religious and civic life.We are duty bound to all the world’s people, each one of whom is created in the Divine image.In practice this means:

  • Religious services conducted in both Hebrew and English
  • Gender equality in all aspects of congregational life
  • Welcoming of patrilineal Jews
  • Welcoming of people in relationships in which only one partner is Jewish
  • Welcoming of Lesbian and Gay Jews
  • Welcoming of same-sex and mixed faith relationships
  • Commitment to ethical action in all aspects of life

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