As violence continues to erupt between Israelis and Palestinians, to pray for peace seems a hopeless and naïve folly. And yet, we pray and we continue to hope, despite the despair and bitterness, cynicism and fear on both sides. Moreover, as people of good-will committed to the prophetic call for justice, we cannot and will not cease to raise our voices against injustice and to support those amongst the Israelis and the Palestinians, who are working to establish a just peace. And so we pray:

El Malei Rachamim, God Full of Compassion, who heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds, we ask You to show all Your children the way of love and compassion, so that hatred ceases to scar their lives.

Ein Ha-Chayyim, Source of Life, we call upon You to send Your abundant blessings into every home, Israeli and Palestinian, so that new hope may overcome old fears.

Adonai Tzadik, Righteous One, who exhorts us to pursue Justice, we fervently pray that a spirit of righteousness may prevail, so that both peoples find the courage to reach a just settlement of their differences.

Oseh Shalom, Maker of Peace, who teaches us to be seekers of peace, we entreat You now to spread Your tabernacle of shalom over all the inhabitants of Your land, and to support the peacemakers among both peoples in their efforts to walk the path of reconciliation, so that a just peace may reign supreme at last – bimheirah b’yameinu, speedily in our own day.

And let us say:  Amen.

Rabbi Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah

Revised May 2015