Eternal God, our Creator and Liberator, we pause to remember Your children across the world whose lives are blighted by the curses of poverty and persecution.

We think of the many millions in flight from tyranny, violence and destitution, risking their lives as they make their escape in the hope of finding refuge and security elsewhere.

In particular, our thoughts turn at this time to the 650,000 Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar, who have been driven from their homes, and had their villages burnt to the ground, as part of a deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing.

Let us pause to reflect.

Eternal Teacher of Your people Israel, as the children and grandchildren and descendants of refugees, aware of Your teachings of justice and our sacred obligations towards the stranger, we express our commitment before You now to open our hearts and our hands and our communities to welcome those in need of refuge, and to do what we can to contribute to the alleviation of their suffering. And let us say: Amen.

Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah

Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue