Prayer for those enslaved

Tzur Yisrael, Rock of Israel, who liberated our ancestors from slavery, we pause amidst our celebration of your gift of Shabbat, the sacred day of rest and freedom, to acknowledge those who are enslaved across the world, including, here in Britain.

We think of vulnerable migrants, who are held in domestic servitude.

We think of those forced to work without pay under threat of violence.


We think of children forced to work for no pay, or for just a pittance, to make products sold on British high streets at bargain prices.

We think of those compelled to work to repay a debt, unable to leave until the debt is paid.

We think of women and children forced to marry without their consent and against their will.

We think of all those, including children, forced into the sex industry and held against their will by force, fraud or coercion.

Let us pause to reflect.

Ein Ha-Chayyim, Source of Life, as we think of all the victims of slavery in its many forms, we give thanks for Your teachings of justice and compassion, and pledge ourselves to play our part in working for the liberation of those who are enslaved throughout the world, so that all may enjoy the blessings of life in freedom.

Kein y’hi ratzon. May this be our will. And let us say: Amen.

Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah

Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue

Human Rights Shabbat