Pro Israel and Pro Palestine

Rabbi Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah holding Palestinian and Israeli flags. Pro Israel and pro Palestine.

Tzedek, tzedek tirdof – Justice, justice, you shall pursue (Deuteronomy 16:20).

In the case of the conflict between Israelis and the Palestinians, where both peoples have a rightful claim to the same piece of land, this teaching from the Torah exhorts us to pursue justice for both peoples: justice for the Palestinians and justice for the Israelis.

This means supporting the right of both peoples to self-determination.

Instead of falling into the trap of taking sides and being anti-Israel or anti-Palestine, which only serves to exacerbate the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis, we need to be pro-Palestine and Pro-Israel.

Being pro-Israel and pro-Palestine means supporting those initiatives that bring the two peoples into dialogue with one another; and it means supporting the establishment of a sovereign state of Palestine alongside the existing sovereign state of Israel.

Being pro-Palestine and pro-Israel begins by waving both flags.

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