Would you like the opportunity to participate in a mini-Limmud every week? Following a period of consultation, at the AGM of the Sussex Jewish Representative Council, the delegates endorsed a proposal to launch a cross-communal study programme, which would take place on Thursday evenings at Ralli Hall, from 7:30 PM to 9:45 PM.

The idea was first mooted at Sussex Limmud last May, at a panel discussion on the Brighton and Hove Jewish community, and was enthusiastically supported at that time.

A weekly mini-Limmud, involving teachers, rabbinic and lay, from across the Jewish spectrum, Lishmah will make Jewish learning accessible to everyone across the community.

Lishmah will be introduced in the first instance as an eight week ‘pilot’ on Lag Ba-Omer on Thursday, 10th May. This mini-holiday in the midst of the Omer period seems a very appropriate time to launch a mini-Limmud.

On the launch date, 10th May, the evening will begin with a buffet-party, followed by the first session at 7:30 PM. The last session of the pilot will take place on 28th June.

If the pilot is successful it is proposed that the next term will begin after the chaggim, on Thursday, 1st November, run for seven sessions, and conclude on Thursday 13th December.

To cover the costs of hiring the rooms at Ralli Hall, students will be asked to pay £3 per session or £20 for the entire eight-week period – plus £1 for tea/coffee.

So far, three rabbis have indicated that they will offer courses – Rabbis Sarah, Silverman and Wallach. Lay people with expertise in different fields have also expressed their interest.

In addition to the teachers and students, in order to launch and run Lishmah successfully, we will need a Lishmah team to include:

  • Volunteers to organise the launch
  • A volunteer to organise registration
  • A volunteer to take responsibility for producing the programme
  • A volunteer to take responsibility for distributing the programme and publicising Lishmah

If you are interested in volunteering your time for Lishmah, please e-mail, Jessica Rosenthal on

The success of Limmud, the inspiration for this project, has demonstrated that the quest for Jewish learning unites Jews of all denominations and none across the spectrum. And we are so fortunate to have a Jewish community centre at Ralli Hall – the perfect venue for this cross-communal venture. Look out for further details, so that you can be part of Lishmah – Jewish learning for its own sake.

Rabbi Elizabeth Tikvah Sarah